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Roulette Wheel

Learn About Roulette Wheels

Learning about roulette wheels gives one a good introduction to the game. Understanding the roulette wheel in some detail is useful before beginning play.

Learn About Roulette Wheels

While roulette wheels are all fairly similar, and the basic workings are the same, it is useful to also learn about the differences and/or similarities between various roulette wheels, from basics such as the material it is made out of, to the different amount of numbers on European and American roulette wheels.

Wood or Plastic Roulette Wheels - Which Should I Purchase?

For home or private use, both wooden and plastic 슬롯사이트 roulette wheels are available for purchase. The design is the same, however wooden wheels look more impressive. Wooden wheels also usually cost more than plastic roulette wheels. It is highly unlikely that a plastic roulette wheel will be found in a casino. Should you decide to purchase a plastic roulette wheel, it is important to ensure that it is somewhat heavy in order to be a sturdy wheel.

How the Roulette Wheel Works

The roulette wheel has a handle in the middle (usually made of some kind of metal), which is used to spin the wheel in one direction, while the small (usually white) ball is spun around in the opposite direction. When the wheel begins to slow down, the ball usually bounces slightly from place to place before settling next to one of the numbers. Below each number, in an inner circle, is a notched space in the same color as the number above it. The ball settles in this space, leaving the number uncovered in order that the players and the dealer can see clearly which number the ball has landed on.

Who Operates the Roulette Wheel

The dealer at the roulette table is the casino employee who operates the roulette wheel. They will use the handle in the center to start it spinning in one direction, while they spin the ball in the opposite direction at the same time.

Numbers on a Roulette Wheel

The roulette wheel will have either 37 or 38 spaces for numbers. The European version of the roulette wheel has 37 spaces, which includes the numbers from zero to thirty-six. The American version of the roulette wheel has 38 spaces, as an extra zero is added in. The American roulette wheel has the same numbers as the European roulette wheel, and also includes a double zero (00) brining the total to thirty-eight. 바카라사이트

Colors on a Roulette Wheel

The main colors found on roulette wheels are red and black. These colors alternate with each other, one red and then one black, around the roulette wheel. The other color you will find is green. The zero and double zero spaces are usually in green, and if there is also a double zero, it is usually opposite the zero space.

There are some roulette wheels made which will use different colors, however, the most popular colors are black, red and green as described above. The black, red and green combination is certainly what is found in most casinos and on all classic roulette wheels.

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