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Progressive Roulette Tournaments

Progressive Roulette Tournaments – Playing Roulette Tournaments

All you need to know about progressive roulette tournaments – what are these tournaments, and how do they work?

What are Progressive Roulette Tournaments?

The phrase "progressive roulette tournaments" is actually a bit of a misleading one, on the basis that there are roulette tournaments, and there are progressive roulette games, but there are not actually any progressive roulette tournaments. The reason that this phrase has been coined is because a progressive roulette game does share some qualities with a roulette tournament – namely that there may be one big winner at the end; however there are also significant differences between progressive roulette and roulette tournaments. None-the-less the terms you will most commonly come across is "progressive roulette tournaments", therefore although it's not a good description it is here to stay.

How do Progressive Roulette Tournaments Work?

Unlike a tournament, progressive roulette game does not have a single buy-in which provides the player with a set number of chips. Equally, unlike a tournament, progressive roulette does not require you to knock-out opponents by having the greater chip count, and it does not start and finish at set times like a 월드시리즈오브포커 tournament would. Progressive roulette games work in much the same way as other progressive games – you play your regular game and when you pay your bet a small percentage of that bet get's put aside into a special jackpot pot – this is the progressive pot. How the progressive pot works is that a lot of people from a lot of different tables and even casinos are paying into this main pot which therefore can get incredibly large. Thus, people consider progressive roulette games to be progressive roulette tournaments because in essence you are playing for two purposes – the immediate purpose of winning your immediate game, but also for the larger purpose of winning this progressive jackpot.

The big question, is of course, how is a progressive roulette winner determined? This lies in a sequence of results on the wheel. Essentially winnings from the progressive jackpot are determined by the number of times that a particular result may appear, and the more times it appears, the higher the winnings are. You can have no control over this, but rather can simply sit back and reap the rewards should you get lucky! 포커토너먼트

How do you play Progressive Roulette Tournaments?

Playing progressive roulette tournaments is for all intents and purposes just like playing on a regular roulette – you will notice no difference in the game play; you will however notice that the game will come with a jackpot counter which will increase at around $1,000 an hour. Therefore in order to play progressive roulette tournaments you simply find a site that offers progressive roulette; currently this is only Microgaming casinos, you sign up, deposit money, and get going – really it's as easy as that.

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