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Online European Roulette

Online European Roulette – History of Online European Roulette

Online European Roulette is today one of the most popular games to be found online; and one of the most exciting.

What is Online European Roulette

European roulette, or French roulette is the original roulette game that found its fame in the gaming parlors of the elite of Paris and other European capitals in the eighteenth century and following. European roulette, like all roulettes, is very much a game of chance, in which you bet on a possible outcome. Online 룰렛전략 European roulette is exactly the same as European roulette except for the media in which it is available – virtual rather than physical.

What is The Aim of Online European Roulette?

European roulette is a game that involves a spinning wheel with 37 pockets numbered 0 to 36. A felt table displays many boxes which represent different betting options. A ball is dropped into the spinning wheel where it will bounce around until the wheel stops spinning causing the ball to drop into one of these pockets. The number pocket that it drops into is the winning number and those that made a bet on that number wins. Of course, in an online European roulette game there is no physical wheel but rather a representation of one on the screen. Unless you are playing in a live dealer game, there is no real wheel anywhere, but rather a number is chosen from a random number generator which is just as fair as a spinning wheel, and this outcome is depicted on the screen. Thus, the aim of online European roulette is to predict the outcome of the spin, by betting on the correct number or outcome. 룰렛용어

How do you Play Online European Roulette?

Online European roulette is played by opening a real-money account or a fun-money account at an online casino offering online European roulette. With credit in your account you will go to the games lobby and select the online European roulette table you wish to play at. You will see the wheel and the felt in front of you, and you must lay your bets. You can lay your bets by clicking on the chips you wish to bet and clicking on where you want to put them. There are loads of different types of bet you can make in online European roulette, and you must make sure you're familiar with them before you start playing. Once all bets are laid and the wheel is spun, you sit back and wait for the outcome. The pocket in which the ball settles will pop up on the screen in a mini-window so you can be sure of the result; at this point all payouts will be made and you will see the table cleared of the chips ready for the next round. If you won, you will automatically get your pay out, so you don't have to worry about missing out if you look away for a minute.

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