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European vs American roulette

Which Roulette Gives Better Odds?

Many roulette players think there is no need to discuss the odds of European versus American roulette, as it is ‘known’ that European roulette offers better odds.

Difference between European and American roulette …

Before discussing whether European or American roulette offers the better odds, it is first important to look at the differences between the two forms. The major difference between the two types lies in the roulette layout. The European roulette wheel hosts separate compartments that have the numbers one to thirty six, plus a single zero section. In comparison, the American roulette wheel has the same sections numbered one to thirty six and a double zero section in addition to a single zero section. 바카라사이트

Origins of the zero difference …

The first single zero section was added to the roulette wheel as a way to increase odds in the casino's favor. When the roulette wheel made its way into American casinos, a double zero compartment was added. It is quite apparent that the double zero section was added as a way to increase the house advantage even further.

More zeros at online roulette – less chances ….

The extra zero acts like an additional number on the roulette wheel and therefore decreases the chances of the player. Even though due to the double zero it seems to be harder to win at an American online roulette game, the payoff is still made according to the same odds as a European roulette wheel at the best online casinos. This means that the payoff at the European roulette game is preferable to that at American roulette. Quite simply, odds of 37 to 1 at an American roulette game become 36 to 1 at a European roulette layout. The additional slot presents a situation in which odds of winning are better at the European roulette wheel.

Roulette odds as a percentage …

This difference can also be explained as a percentage. The European roulette game provides a 2.7% advantage to the casino while American roulette shows a 5.5% casino house advantage. It should be noted that in such terms, this is a considerable difference.

Odds make the difference at online roulette …

Although an online roulette gamer may play partly for the great entertainment and fun of the game, many feel that there is more to the game than just amusement. Most players feel that if they are going to play a game of 바카라 roulette at an online casino location, then they would prefer to play a game at which they can receive the best possible odds. This is of course understandable. When playing for real money, the incentive of prize winnings is an important element of the game. In addition, if a player is aware that odds at European roulette are preferable to those at American roulette then the European version would obviously be selected.

For these preferable odds, many people choose to play European roulette rather than American roulette at the best online casinos.

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